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Fully automatic Micro chip controlled Pathogen and Virus remover

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Virus and Parasite Zapper-Frequency Treatment Hulda Clark & Royal Rife 

Fully Automatic Microchip Control

** Instructions now available in the Spanish and Italian Languages! 

Please specify language when ordering, (English will be sent by default)

Hulda Clark and Royal Rife have written many papers detailing the use of square wave frequency healing. In the case of Dr Clark, she specifically concentrated on the treatment of the Common Cold , Flu Virus and other lesser known Virus along with extensive research into Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, with many detailed studies on other diseases.

 The internet is a mind of useful information on this subject, we encourage you to research this fascinating area of treatment.

We designed a zapper based on these findings with some improvements, specifically for people with limited Mobility, Eye-Sight or Hearing

All our units are hand built with love and care!

We have listened to our customers and made a big improvement !!

The Zapper now comes with elasticated wrist bands as standard, with this improvement you can now  remove the Zapper lead whilst the 

30 Minute rest period is in progress and re-connect easily to restart the treatment 

The wrist bands last longer !!  no need to replace pads.

 Here are some more advantages:-

1. Fully automatic cycle – all the work and timing is performed by the Programmed Microchip – The recommended cycle is: 7 min treatment followed by 30 Mins rest, 3 times.

2. The electrode wrist bands are safe,comfortable,practical and durable. – No need to hold on to metal rods throughout the treatment.

3. A light sequence allows those with hard of hearing to watch the progress of the treatment.

4. A small buzzer sounds after each cycle to indicate the start and finish of each treatment – ideal for those with poor eyesight

5. An essential Low Battery indicator shows when the battery needs replacing – avoiding noneffective treatment.

6. Works on a standard 9v alkaline battery.

7. All devices are tested for the correct frequency and pattern prior to dispatch – See the example Photograph of the oscilloscope which is indicating the NEW Recommended frequency and square wave pattern as discussed in Dr Clark’s recent texts.


We supply

The  Virus and Parasite Zapper

2x Elasticated wrist bands,adjustable to a large 10cm diameter  

Long connecting cable (approx 1.5m) 

9V Alkaline Battery

Full Instructions on how to use the Machine

Email Support for the Machine ( Please be aware that the support is for the machine only and no medical advice can be given)


Returns Policy

We are so confident of this design we offer a full 12 months guarantee – repair or replace.

The buyer pays return postage.

Delivery charges

The delivery charge is made for the postage and packing only.
The buyer is responsible for Customs charges (if any)
We use insured delivery, any item which is damaged on arrival due to mishandling must be reported to us within 3 days
Refused deliveries for any other reason will be charged at the full buying rate




We are happy to answer any questions relating to this device but must draw your attention that we are not doctors, nor can we make any claim to the effectiveness of treatment.

If in any doubt, consult your physician prior to using any electronic or Bio Resonance device.

This device is for experimental use only and is not intended as a medical device.

** Please note that the Zapper must not be used by anybody wearing a pacemaker or who is or maybe pregnant**

3 reviews for Virus Zapper v3

  1. Interskill

    Helen Ndow • 11 months ago
    VaZ X I’m zapping and hope it works just in case. But but but I used to have very bad skin itching, suspect fungal in origin, and low and behold it’s all gone! Zapped away. I am pleased with that.

  2. Interskill

    Android Maxx • 10 months ago
    I and my family ( 4 ppl) have been using the zapper since last 20 years and i confirm its been working. After initial success of the crudely assembled zapper I made myself 20 years ago i made a more professional one on a PCB board. This is made as per the original hulda clark schematics and gives a output in the band of 35- 38hz. I am in Mumbai and had made around 50 such pieces whose output has been tested and verified to be inline with the original zapper design. Unfortunately the existence of this gem of a device is not widely known in Mumbai and people continue to be enslaved to the pharma companies.

  3. Interskill

    Hanosz Prime • 9 months ago
    I am using a zapper now on and off for the past 7 months. I noticed great increase in my energy and clear mindedness.
    I stopped after experiencing aches which I now realized are die off symptoms and have begun using it again now for a couple weeks, but now managing the symptoms with diet and supplements.
    Also have been taking colloidal silver.

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